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Welcome to our new wiki!

Thoughts, ideas, and neat things you learned about technology at the conference

Ideally, all of these bold topics should be their own page, i'm working on it, and you may wish to add things in that way, just play around, and any help that you could give would be great!


Using Digital Video Media
[WWW] Full episodes from Discovery/TLC/Animal Planet. It's on a rotating basis, so things change every couple of weeks or so. Programs are split into chapters for easy navigation, and no commercials

[WWW] Streaming video from pbs, including Nova, and American Experience. Free resource, but I don't know if we can support streaming at all sites.

The presenters mostly spoke about Discovery Online, and it is not free, well most of it isn't free. An audience member brought up [WWW] which I have tried, it's pretty cool, I think you can get a 5 day trial for free, but it is not free either.

Elementary Computer Projects

Voices of the World Project [WWW] Kids get a monthly assignment and a web2.0 tool to complete it with. You can view other classes work from around the world, and upload your own. It is run by a teacher, and she doesn't put every single entry up, just the best.

Animoto [WWW] create slide shows with annimation/transitions and music for free and realtively easy. For use on a blog or elsewhere. Clips that are under 60 seconds are free, then you export them to wherever you would want them, say a class website or blog.

Voki [WWW] Students, and teachers too I guess, can create avatars to use for projects where anonymity is best, you can record voice and then export.

Voice Thread [WWW] Closed to all except teachers, administrators and students. Users can post pages, record dialogue to go with, post movies, and then make comments about others, as well as get comments about their own work. World wide, but safe and teacher has a lot of control as to what gets posted and what not.

Creating Podcasts with GarageBand

Try [WWW] to make your own free bog. I am going to make a practice one, [WWW]

Creating a Wiki

Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0
I saw this article on Slate, you might take a look at it, just for background knowledge. [WWW]

Social Bookmarking Sites
I've used for a while, since the Apple people during inservice talked about it. Any ideas on using it with students? You can check out mine here [WWW]

Thoughts on Privacy/ Web Safety
How do we protect our students, but at the same time, let them be a part of the web? Any thoughts about pictures? movies? podcasts?

Educational Funding
[WWW] This is a pretty cool sit where you can propose a project and then upload it, donors can browse through projects and give you money if they like your idea. Not sure what the percentage is for actually getting money, but the idea is neat if nothing else.

Inquiry Science
[WWW] This is an intriguing free science resource designed for middle and high school students. It is collaborative, students work through modules in pairs. Looks awesome!

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